My consulting services consist of several offers.

There are situations where conflicts have arised and have escalated or even widened out into other departments. Mediation is one technique of alternative dispute resolution which is then to choose.

Coaching for executives and qualified personnel: May it be change situations, burn-out syndromes or crisis interventions, coaching takes places in a face-to-face atmosphere.

Being the backbone of most European economies, SME’s mostly suffer from smooth transition in leadership when needed. We offer a well-designed five step process to accompany the succession to the next generation.

Meeting Management is another of my offers: Here I take part in meetings and we look for opportunities to improve decision making processes and the flow of matters.

Based on the Harvard model of negotiations I offer preparing and coaching of such negotiations. Furthermore I facilitate complex meetings and build on a proven record of working with groups from different cultural backgrounds.

Originally trained as a cultural anthropologist I offer studies about the existent corporate culture. Every change management process have to based on a solid understanding of the given culture.